The Magic of RICKER M

My lectures over the years have changed drastically

My first lecture was about Self Developed Packet Card Effects.(LECTURE1984)

My second lecture was about Coin Devices.(LECTURE1986)

My third lecture was about Props.(LECTURE1997)

My fourth lecture was a mixture of coins, cards and props.(LECTURE2003)

My fifth lecture was Hobbies and Capabilitites Used.(LECTURE2005)

My sixth lecture is what you see now. (LECTURE2009)

2015 offers sales of my items. (FAKER STRAW) (LEMONDROPS) (PALMABLEREMOTE) (BOOK) (GIFTBAG)


My Animated Gift Bag will soon be released worldwide..

In collaboratioin with John Tudor

plus performance ideas from Jeff McBride

and Maria Ibanez.

It also just appearred in MAGIC MAGAZINE Dec2015

with comments like

"One of the best new effects in years"

"Maybe the next "Thumb" for all performers"

"Very Delightful, Can't Wait"

My hope is to share my ideas with anyone that is interested to enhance the capabilities of Entertainment.

*** Click here to learn how to create colorful confetti for use with the Faker Straw and other routines ***

FREE TREAT: Have had many people ask me about my Rubik's Cube routine. Sample treat from book viewable.

*** Learn my SUPER SIMPLE MEMORIZED DECK by clicking here ***

Cost of Lectures, I have decided to not charge a basic fee like most but charge in a way all come out winners. Most Lecture gatherings ask for $10 per person at clubs on average. Most Clubs have 10 or more members. My minimum is $50 plus 25% of income plus room and board and travel if long distance rounded up. This way the club never goes over budget and normally have leftover funds for the next time around.

Example: 10 people attend with a cover charge of $10. $50 + (10*10*25%=$25) = $75 leaving the club $25 profit.
Larger attendance and Longer Distance example: $50+(50*20*25%=$250) = $300 leaving $700-Hotel ($150)-Travel ($5*20 mile increments from 200 miles round trip = $50) Food (estimated at $10 breakfast/lunch $20 Dinner) leaving $160 for club.

NOTE: Click on Underlined links to open lecture information.