The Magic of RICKER M


Combines all previous lecture material Plus some new items into ONE.

4 Card Routines including a 30 minute routine with 4 cards that come from your wallet and end up vanishing and returning to your wallet.

4 Coin Routines/Utility Moves including the Ring of Visibility that allows you to toss an invisible object through and have it become visible while held between spectator and magician.

4 Miscellaneous Routines to include a thimble routine that JEFF McBRIDE has stated "Very Fresh and Surprising"...

A version of Professor's Nightmare that a spectator from the audience comes and does them selves with ungimmicked ropes and no visual switching of ends.

"I think your going to have good time with this"

3 ways to modify the use of the Stratospheres and ways to improve the usability of the Joker Box.

What else is that Dove Pan good for.  Well lets find out.

A neat routine using the Orange Box, but with Doves.

"That's a nice touch"