STREAMER CONFETTI as used by magician Ricker M.of Mystic Box Productions.

How to create half inch by 2 inch confetti of the color you need

INTRODUCTION: Most entertainers order confetti for the colors they need. I have also fallen into this trap. recently I needed yellow confetti to toss over children at a party. Had a hard time finding stuff that would not hurt the children's eyes. Came across the perfect yellow i was locking for and it happened to be a streamer paper streamer roll. Looked all over to see if they sold it as a confetti as well but no luck except for these 1/4 inch dots. Too small to nice at a distance and also creates a mess to clean up easily.

EFFECT: Entertainer opens up a cartoon of milk from school and takes a gulp. He then throws its contents over the children. A lot of flowing white confetti.

1) A roll of white streamer paper
2) An empty milk carton

3) Double stick tape.

PREPARATION: Roll off about 6 feet of streamer then wrap it around your 3 fingers loosely. Slide it off your fingers and squeeze it flat. With scissors cut folded edges and then cut in half. Load cut strips into dried out milk container and close container sealing it with double stick tape.


Show and Open Milk container Its been a long time since I had milk from a school cafeteria.
Pretend to drink from carton Hmm, Not bad, tastes a little better than what I remember.
Open carton fully Where's my manners, I should share this with you.
Toss contents towards audience ENJOY!

1) Use Faker Straw to show flowing liquid instead of bringing carton to mouth. This enhances the illusion of liquid in carton.
2) Try juice containers with colored streamer confetti.