Performed by Ricker M

This lecture has been modified to tell a story of years past. Things I have seen, experienced and wondered about for over 30 years of performing Amateur, Semi Professionally, Professionally and Part-Time Professionally. Let's Brain Storm...

What was your start in magic? What level do you perform at? What is your best effect? Why don't some tricks work for me? Why did I not get a good response? What do I use in this situation? HMMM a $5000 plus illusion and the audience did not remember it???

My new book (MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN and SMILES APPEAR) with all of my notes and comments from other performers will be displayed that has remarks and quotes from Jeff McBride, Steve Beam, John Tudor, Tony Metze, Maria Ibanez, Ed Ellis, Tim Sonefelt and Barry Mitchell to name a few.

My book also contains a compilation of my favorite effects and ideas that earned those quotes. TONY METZE still says with all the creations in my mind that I offer out so fluidly, anyone's effects can become more than what is expected.

Card Routines including a 30 minute routine with 4 cards that come from your wallet and end up vanishing and returning to your wallet. MARIA IBANEZ stated "Your card coin work looks so simple that you got to be using Magic. Doc Soos you are a real MD, a Magical Doctor that doctors up magical effects." (1981)

Coin Routines/Utility Moves including the Ring of Visibility that allows you to toss an invisible object through and have it become visible while held between spectator and magician.

Miscellaneous Routines to include a thimble routine that JEFF McBRIDE has stated "Very Fresh and Surprising"...

A version of Professor's Nightmare that a spectator from the audience comes and does them selves with un-gimmicked ropes and no visual switching of ends.

"I think your going to have a good time with this"

Modifications of Standard Props, for example; the Stratospheres, the Joker Box, the Dove Pan, and not to mention, a neat routine using the Orange Box, but with Doves.

"That's a nice touch"