From 1999 -2005 we were able to run a store front without loosing or gaining any funds. Calculating profit margins in this area for this type of venue was not promising enough to support a new family and child.

On the other side of the story I do have a wide range of merchandise still available in storage. Please Contact us through and we can work together with professional advice on the best equipment to utilize and purchase so not to fall prey to some attractive description, just to find out you purchased a stick or something that the description only fits the developer's hand motions.

Our store was located at 19 Pinewood Road, Sumter, South Carolina, 29150 across from Millwood Elementary School which is located west of Swan Lake.

Our phone number was (803) 773-6978.


An exercize that focuses on points of injury are worked out within a Thirty(30) Minute session. At the end of the session a movement will be learned that will protect that area from further injury or stress. For example, lets say you have an injured your left shoulder and you wanted to reach for a book on a high shelf. Ouch, can you feel the pain starting. You'll learn how to block that pain with a counter movement and applied pressure point. With in a short time you will be able to move that arm fully again to your satisfaction.


Let the Main Event Begin. Have you ever wanted to learn Martial Arts and have visited or attended a school that when you were being taught something so were ten(10) others? You think you've learned something but in reality you missed that one little point that makes it work for real. We offer private classes with no more than three(3) students at one time to ensure what you are learning is proper and enjoyable. You learn over 365 Self Defense Moves plus up to 21 weapons to include Swords, Sticks and even Fans to keep you cool and calm when need be.

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We have many styles of performing artists to entertain at your next party style event. We also provide sculptured balloon decorations that would become an instant attraction even as a table center piece. Remember all those times you and your child stood in a line to get a balloon that was molded into a Dog or any other figure of choice. Now you can have that rememberable attraction at your next gathering. Weddings, Picnics, Birthdays, Business Events Etc have all been entertained one way or another by with what we can offer.


We have jokes and novelties that can add laughter to any party, and if you are looking for that specially designed gift let us personally create it for you. For example some gifts that have been created were special computer code books that when opened give a surprizing reaction or CDROM cases that when opened also give that special moment a real bang. How would you like to serve up a real Chinese PO-PO Platter to that special house guest that eats you out of house and home. Many ideas become reality in this shop of surprises. We also supply the party basic gifts and treasures.

Keep in mind these pics are from when we were just moving in and did not have our display counters and shelves installed.


Are you an entertainer and wish you could find that special Magical Effect, Costume or Clown Gimmick. Well look no more, you'll find it here or we'll direct you to where you can get that day if you can not wait for us to order it for you.

Keep in mind these pics are from when we were just moving in and did not have our display counters and shelves installed.